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KWh Meter Seals

Polypropylene meter seals used as an anti-pilferage measure on KWh power meters by the Australian Supply Authorities.  Can also be used for all types of sealing equipment and if required have a symbol or logo printed or embossed on the flag.


  • Material:  Polypropylene
  • Length:  235mm.
  • Tag Size:  25mm x 12mm

    Available Colours and Product Codes Below:

Signal Orange RAL 2010
Green RAL 6004
Yellow RAL 1004
White RAL 9003
Beige RAL 1001
Red RAL 2005
Pink RAL 3015
Purple RAL 4005
L/ Blue RAL 6027
Grey RAL 7000
Brown RAL 8025
Blue RAL 5019
Black RAL 9011
Fluoro Orange RAL 2005